Direction of Theory and Technology of Major Disaster Prevention in Coal Mines


The research platform is at the leading position in China on the theory, technology and research access of the following fields such as mine gas explosion, coal and gas outburst, mine fire and other significant disasters, and is at the leading position around the world in the fields such as the theory and technology of coal and gas extraction, the theory of far increasing gas permeability by pressure relief outside extracting seam, the synthetic forecast of dynamic disasters in coal and rock, the fatalness assessment and control of gas explosion, the mensurating method of coal spontaneous combustion tendency and the new material and technology for preventing coal spontaneous combustion.

Mine Gas Control

l        Gas Flow Theory in Coal Seam and Theory and Technology of Gas Drainage by Pressure Relief Method in Low Permeable Gassy Coal Seams

l        Technical Measures and Critical Indicators of Mining Pressure Relieved Coal Seam from Long Distance and Preventing Outburst by Pre-drainage in Large Area

l        Technology and Equipment of Preventing Outburst by High-pressure Jet Cutting and Material and Equipment of Sealing for Gas Drainage Borehole

Mine Fire Control

l        Mensurating Method and System of Coal Spontaneous Combustion Tendency Based on Coal Oxidation Kinetics

l        New Technology and Equipment of Fire Prevention by Blocking Coal Spontaneous Combustion with Three-phase Foam and Sand Thickening Agent

Mine Ventilation and Dust Prevention

l        Technology and Equipment of Pulse Ventilation and Secondary Dusting by Negative Pressure around Shearing Machine

l        Main Fan Operating Point Online Monitoring and Reliability Assessment of Mine Ventilation System

Mine Safety Monitoring and Control

l        Technology and Equipment of Dynamic Disasters Forecast in Coal and Rock by Electromagnetic Radiation Method

l        Technology and Equipment of Outburst fatalness Forecast to Gateway in Coal Seam

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