Direction of Theory and Technology of Environmental Coordinated Green Mining


There are 584 sets of multifarious apparatus and 29 sets of large-scale precision instruments in the research platform occupying area 4800m2.Through the long term development, especially during the developing periods of “211” Project and “985” Project, the research platform has currently been a experimental platform for key technologies in the field of advanced mining engineering, including the professional and synthetical experimental systems and the numerical simulation center for mine.

1.        Strata Control


2.        Water Preserving Mining


3.        Backfill Mining


4.        Underground Coal Gasification


5.        Extraction of Coal and Methanel

l        Theory and Technology of Strata Control and Its Multi-functional Experimental System

l        Theory and Technology of Rockburst Prevention & Treatment and Its Experimental System

l        Experimental Platform of Physical Simulation by Similar Material

l        Theory and Technology of Backfill Mining and Its Experimental System of Material & Technique

l        Theory and Technology of Roadway Support & Control and Its Experimental System of Supporting Material

l        Theory of Extraction of Coal & Gas and Its Experimental Simulation System for Gas Drainage in Gob Area

l        Experimental System of Underground Coal Gasification

l        Numerical Simulation Center for Mine



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