Academician Zhou Shining


Professor Zhou was born in 1934, and is the notability in the field of gas prevention and control for coal mine and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is the standing director of China Coal Society and the consultant of expert committee of China Fire Protection Association, and has been the member of Jiangsu Province Political Consultative Conference for 3 pierods.

Professor Zhou applied himself into the research work such as safety engineering, gas prevention and control for coal mine, fire fighting engineering, etc. In 1963, he first put forward the 8 items of fundamental for coalbed gas geology which have been widely applied to gas pridiction in coalfield at present. Based on the combination of both strong gas adsorption to coal and Darcy's law for Seepage Theory, he established the system of coalbed gas flow theory and from which derived the numerical analysis of gas pressure and flow rate. The conception of Coalbed Gas Stress Field, he raised, started the new phase of solid-gas coupling for the study on gas flow theory. Professor Zhou first put forward that coal bed consists of coal particles and cracks and gas flow consists with Fick’s Law among coal particles and with Darcy’s Law through cracks respectively, therefore the flow equation can be derived. From the outburst accident it was founded that easy coal with gas under geological stress appears evident flow effect, so the rheological hypothesis of coal and gas outburst was creatively advanced. He also invented a set of borehole seal device of the combination of rubber-ring and compressive mucus, which ended the history of inaccurate pressure during gas mensuration caused by leakage. Scientific monograghs, such as “COALBED GAS OCCURRENCE AND FLOW THEORY”, etc, and over 50 scientific papers were published. He has cultivated more than 20 PhDs and masters.

In 1959, the analogue computer for mine ventilation network, which he developed, was recommended by ministry of higher education to participate the international expo in Leipzig, Germany. He was invited as the vice executive director of the 18th international conference of mining and safety in the Ex-Yugoslavia in 1979, was nominated as executive director of the Asian -pacific international mining conference in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan, and occupied the Visiting Professor for australian New South Wales University in 1985 and australian Wollongong University in 1990 respectively.

The mensuration of coal bed gas permeability, which he invented, achieved 1st prize of Ministry of Coal Industry for Science and Technology Advancement in 1983; the gas pressure mensuration device by the combination of rubber-ring and compressive mucus, which he designed, obtained 3rd prize of National Invention Award in 1987; and his study on coal bed gas flow rules won the 4th prize of National Natural Science in 1993.

Professor Zhou has obtained lots of awards and titles such as the title of National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker and National May 1st Labor Medal in 1986, and being the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering since 1999.

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