Academician Qian Minggao


Professor Qian was born in 1932, and is the notability in the field of ground control and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has ever been the director of Department of Mining Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology, the chief of the ground control centre of Ministry of Coal Industry, the subject accreditation member and mining subject convener of the degree committee of State Council, the vice director general of China Coal Society, the executive member of the chinese society for rock mechanics and engineering, the editorial board member of the International Journal of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, and elected as the honorary director general of China Coal Society in 2007.

In 1984he was selected as one of the first group of national distinguished young/middle-aged experts, and is one of the main foundors and exploiters on the subject of ground pressure and stara control.Since 50 years in the subject of mining engineering and the field of the theory and practice of strata control, he has achieved a series of original success and made important contribution to the nation. Both the Counterpoised Voussoir Beam Hypothesis on strata movement and the law and perturbation theory of main roof breakage in rock mass, which he put forward, have a great effect at home and abroad. The mechanics model of Voussoir Beam, which he created, was embodied in the mining and metallurgy volume of Chinese Encyclopedia, and was widely adopted as the foundational theory in the textbook for college students on mining engineering. He founded the engineering theory system based on the core of both the strata movement law over stope and the support-rockmass system, and established the practical engineering technologies for the predicting, controling and monitoring of ground pressure which are the significant contribution to safe and high efficienty mining process. Recently he put forward the Key Strata Theory in Strata Control and the Green Mining Techonlogy System which is consistent with the scientific development concept. Based on the scientific and technological achievement above, professor Qian has obtained 1 piece of national natural science prize, 2 pieces of national Science and Technology Advancement prize, and 16 pieces of provincial and ministerial prize. 10 scientific and technical books of him have successively been published such as “MINING SCIENCE”, “GROUND PRESSURE AND STRATA CONTROL”, “STOPE SURROUNDING ROCK CONTROL IN CHINESE COAL MINES”, “KEY STRATA THEORY IN STRATA CONTROL”, etc. Meanwhile there were over 140 scienitifc papers published. He has cultivated 22 PhDs and 22 masters.

Professor Qian has obtained lots of awards and titles such as the model worker title of Jiangsu Province and special government allowance in 1991, National Energy Sources prize in 1994, National May 1st Labor Medal in 1996, the title of National Advanced Worker in 2000, and being the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering since 1995.

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